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India is a land of incredible beauty, rich adventure, and culture, diversity, nature, and wildlife! Lotus Adventure is a company that helps people discover the places in India that are beautiful and unexplored. We aim to fulfill all their travel needs by taking care of each and everything required. At Lotus Adventure, we are passionate about managing the requirements of local as well as global travelers. Our operators are present in every city so that the travelers experience a warm welcome!

We will help you discover all the hidden places and tourist spots in India that are waiting for you and make sure you travel in a friendly, warm and safe environment. You will get to experience camping by the side of a river, hot springs, snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, waking up to the first rays of the sun and everything that is connected to nature! Cooking food, setting up camps and enjoying with your friends is what you will experience in your trips with us. At Lotus Adventure, we expertise in making your travel adventure a memorable and unforgettable one!

There a lot of mesmerizing majestically beautiful places in India to explore and we help you do that with our reliable services. We have full equipment and basic amenities to travel and camp at the remotest of areas in the country. You will get proper transportation depending upon the places that are covered. We ensure that our clients get well-personalized services from our side and believe in full customer satisfaction. We want our clients to get a unique experience that they have never experienced before. You get to travel all places-from mountains to deserts, sea, jungles, etc. Lotus Adventure has done trips from Mount Everest and to the Sahara Desert. We try and inculcate the spirit of India in our every tour!

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