Shang to Chilling Trek

Lotus Adventure Presents “Shang to Chilling Trek”!

Basic Information About The Region:

Region :- Leh, Ladakh

Duration:-6 days

Grade :- Comparatively Effortless Adventure.

Temperature:- -5 to -30 degrees celsius

Ladakh has always attracted visitors with its beauty that is magical in every season! The captivating mountain peaks, lakes or the scenic valley are the main reasons why tourists like to visit this place. In summers, this region shows the most vibrant colors of nature. While during the winters, the mountain peaks are covered with heavy snowfall!

Some Highlights About The Shang to Chilling Trek:

  • Depart from Leh to Chilling by vehicle in the morning on the rough land of Taru.
  • On the way, you see the occurrence of Indus and Zanskar River, where you cross the bridge on the Indus River and follow the Zanskar River on a rough road for 3 hrs.
  • Travel across the mighty Zanskar River which is full of thrilling experience in a trolley bus. On the far side of the river, you will meet a mustang man with the horses. After that, it is quite easy to walk till Skiu

Things To Be Taken Care Of!

Here are some things people need to take care of while taking this trek as prevention is better than cure!

  • People should be aware of the extreme ice conditions. The ice can be as dangerous at times due to cracks so you need to find the pathway to cross the frozen river.
  • The ice can even be slippery so it should be taken proper care of while walking.
  • The temperature is extremely cold and decreases further sometimes. This is why warm and layered clothes are recommended which would help in keeping the body warm and prevent the body from freezing.
  • Hiking shoes or gumboots are highly recommended to protect your feet from ice-cold water. It is very important to protect your fingers and toes from extreme cold.
  • You should avoid heavy meals during the trek as it leads to tiredness.

Basic Itinerary!

Day 1 - Chilling- Skiu


  • Leave for Leh to Chilling by jeep in the morning
  • Cross the bridge on the Indus River and follow the Zanskar River on a rough road for 2-3 hrs.
  • On the other side of the river, you will meet men with the horses. After crossing the small stream, you can walk easily to Skiu.
Day 2 - Skiu to Markha


  • Following the Markha River, you will trek through a beautiful valley on a fairly level path.
  • The trail crosses the river at various points and passes winter settlements that contain religious shrines and stones carved with Buddhist prayers.
  • Once you cross the river for the final time, you will arrive in Markha, the largest village in the valley.
Day 3 - Markha to Thachungtse


  • The Markha valley trail carries on with old stone-mills, the auspicious monastery of Techa and a devastated castle
  • The path then converges the river several times before cutting through the last hamlets in the valley.
  • After leaving the village of Umlung, you will have the first view of mighty Kang Yatse.
  • You can stop for lunch in the village of Hangkar, from there you can head towards the lovely green meadow of Thachungste.
Day 4 - Thachungtse to Nimaling

Time4.5 hours

  • The trail will lead you up to the beautiful plateau of Nimaling, where the people of the Markha Valley bring their herds to graze during the summer months.
  • At 4700m, you will see Nimaling which is the highest camp on the trek, giving us eye-catching views of Kang Yatse to the right, followed by the Zangskar Range and the Markha Valley beneath.
Day 5 - Nimaling to Shang Sumdo

Time8 hours

  • Cross Kongmaru La which is the highest pass on the trek
  • After more river crossings, we will arrive at the sour-spring of Chuskurmo.
  • After a short break, you will cut through a couple of villages before reaching Shang Sumdo.
Day 6 - Shang Sumdo - Leh via Martselang
  • After a pleasant 2-hour walk to Martselang, the jeep will be waiting to pick you up.
  • On the way to Leh, you will see some of the great religious homes of Ladakh such as Thikse, Hemis and Shey.
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