I recently did the Deo Tibba Base trek in Himachal with Lotus Adventures. I had one of the best experiences of my life with them.

One of the most mesmerizing treks of my life was this trek. Lotus Adventures provided the best facilities be it meals, accommodation, or safety. They made sure that each one of us was comfortable and enjoyed the trek.


Pin Parvati was on my bucket list for a while now, I felt amazing doing the trek and cutting it off my bucket list. The experience I had while trekking was just so mesmerizing. I would highly recommend Lotus Adventures to people for the same.

Vishal Thakur

I had the best adventure in trekking Pin Parvati, Lotus Adventures made sure that each one of us is trekking safely and is making it to the destination. The meals and the accommodations provided by them were amenable.

I traveled with Lotus adventure for the second time. Their exceptions travel guides always take proper care and make sure we enjoy every part of our trek and tour. The camping sites were amazing and we did not have to worry about anything with them!

The trip was excellent. The travel guides were so organized and made our trip a memorable one! They helped us to understand the place really well. The beautiful views made it totally worth.

I would like to thank Lotus Adventure as everything was pretty well arranged! It was quite a memorable trip for the four of us. The Chadar trek was amazing and full of adventure.
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