Zanskar, Lamayuru to Darcha

Lotus Adventure Presents “Zanskar, Lamayuru to Darcha”!

Basic Information About The Region:

Region :- Leh, Ladakh

Duration:-15 days

Grade :- moderate to difficult

Maximum Altitude :- 11,100 Ft.

Best Period :- June to October.

Highest Point:- Sengala

Ladakh has always attracted visitors with its beauty that is magical in every season! The captivating mountain peaks, lakes or the scenic valley are the main reasons why tourists like to visit this place. In summers, this region shows the most vibrant colors of nature. While during the winters, the mountain peaks are covered with heavy snowfall!

Some Highlights About The Zanskar, Lamayuru to Darcha:

  • This difficult trek iis n Ladakh across the Zanskar trek from Lamayuru to Darcha trek is the existing Himalaya trek which is the popular trek admired by most people in the entire territory.
  • The primitive Buddhist kingdom of Zanskar valley is covered in the lap of the western reaches of the Great Himalayan range.
  • Lamayuru Darcha trek: The trans-Zanskar trek is the most renowned trek of the whole Trans Himalayan region and topmost trekking paths in the world.
  • The hike will take you to the other side of the trans-Himalayan highway trek and the core of last Shangri-la.

Things To Be Taken Care Of!

Here are some things people need to take care of while taking this trek as prevention is better than cure!

  • People should be aware of the extreme ice conditions. The ice can be as dangerous at times due to cracks so you need to find the pathway to cross the frozen river.
  • The ice can even be slippery so it should be taken proper care of while walking.
  • The temperature is extremely cold and decreases further sometimes. This is why warm and layered clothes are recommended which would help in keeping the body warm and prevent the body from freezing.
  • Hiking shoes or gumboots are highly recommended to protect your feet from ice-cold water. It is very important to protect your fingers and toes from extreme cold.
  • You should avoid heavy meals during the trek as it leads to tiredness.

Here are some of the important places covered:

  • Lamayuru
  • Hanupatta
  • Photoksar
  • Singge La Base Camp
  • Lingshed
  • Snertse
  • Hanamur
  • Pishu
  • Snertse
  • Padum
  • Changpa Tsetan
  • Tabley

Basic Itinerary!

Day 1 - Lamayuru to Prinkti La to Wanla.

Time: 3-4 hrs

Distance: 9.1 km

  • Pay a visit to the well-known monastery of Layamaru just on top of the village.
  • Stroll through the Prinkti La pass and cross the small village of Shilla before reaching Wanla.
  • Homestay can be arranged in Wanla.
Day 2 - Wanla - Hanupatta

Time: 7 hrs

Distance:18 km

  • The line goes through a narrow gorge via Phenjila before reaching Hanupatta.
  • Homestay chances in Hanupatta.
Day 3 - Hanupatta to Photoksar

Time:8 hrs

Distance:7 km

  • You get a superb peak view to the south as you head out of hanupata and as you ascend in the direction of the beautiful alpine you encounter the yak pastureland trails.
Day 4 - Photoksar - Singge La Base Camp

Time:5 hrs

Distance:12 km

  • From Photoksar move to Singge La Base Camp which will take 5 hours.
  • Stay in camps.
Day 5 - Singge La Base Camp - Lingshed

Time:9 hrs

Distance:21 km

  • Travel across the Singge La and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty from the pass
  • Cross the 2 small passes before stretching out to Lingshed village
  • Visit the alluring monastery of Lingshed where more than 60 monks reside
  • Homestay chances in Lingshed
Day 6 -Lingshed - Hanuma La - Snertse

Time: 8 hrs

Distance: 18 km

  • Go through the village of Lingshed and follow the trail to Hanuma La Base.
  • Move gradually upwards to the Hanuma La, enjoy the panoramic view of the Zanskar mountains and Lingshed village from the pass.
  • Move down along a stream that leads to Snertse.
Day 7 - Snertse - Purfi La - Hanamur

Time: 5 hrs

Distance:12.4 km

  • Walk through the Purfi La pass and follow the Zanskar river until you reach the village of Hanamur
  • You can sometimes spot the Himalayan brown bears and blue sheep in this area.
Day 8 - Hanamur - Pishu

Time: 5 hrs

Distance: 16 km

  • Easy walk along the Zanskar river.
  • Walk through the village of Pidmo which has few households and continue heading to Pishu
  • Homestay possibility in Pishu
Day 9 - Pishu - Karsha

Time: 5 hrs

Distance:16 km

  • Easy walk to Karsha
  • Homestay possibility in Karsha
  • You can visit the monastery of Karsha which is counted as the largest and the most important religious house in Zanskar
Day 10 - Karsha-Padum

Time: 4 hrs


11.5 km

  • Homestay chances in Padum
  • You can drive from Karsha to Padum
  • Head towards Padum which is the capital of Zanskar
Day 11 - Padum - Raru

Time: 8 hrs

Distance: 22.9 km

  • A long but easy trail leading to Raru
  • Marching on the way, you can have a visit to the monastery of Bardan which is situated on a hill
  • Chances of driving from Padum to Raru
  • Homestay chances in Raru
Day 12 - Raru - Changpa Tsetan

Time: 6 hrs

Distance:17 km

  • The trail comes after the Tsarap river which follows downwards through a bumpy landscape
  • You have to cross the stream multiple times before you arrive to Changpa Tsetan
Day 13 -Changpa Tsetan - Purne

Time: 3.6 hrs

Distance: 9.9 km

  • The trail keeps on moving to follow the Tsarap river.
  • After you cross the villages of Surle, Kalbok and Zantang to the convergence of Tsarap and Kargyak river, you come across a small village of Purne
Day 14 - Purne - Phuktal - Purne

Time: 5 hrs

Distance:12 km

  • Head towards the monastery of Phuktal from Purne
  • Phuktal gompa is specifically located at the mouth of a huge cave esteemed in the vertical mountainside which is so breathtaking.
  • Meet the monks who reside at the monastery and take out sometime visiting around.
Day 15 -Purne - Tabley

Time: 16 hrs

Distance: 17 km

  • Walk down the Kargyak river.
  • You will catch a glimpse of the villages of Testha, Kuru and Tanse ahead.
Day 16: Tabley - Lakung

Time: 8 hrs

Distance: 22.5 km

  • Walk towards the Kargyak village and then follow the broad valley leading to the grassy land of Lakung
Day 17 - Lakung - Shingo La - Ramjak

Time: 8 hrs


  • Follow the line to Shingo La base
  • Travel across the Shingo La which is the elevated pass of the trek
  • Go down to Chumik Nagpo and further down comes the hamlet of Ramjak
Day 18 - Ramjak - Pallamo

Time:5 hrs


  • If you go down slowly you will lead to Pallamo
Day 19 - Pallamo - Darcha

Time: 4 hrs

Distance: 11.7km

  • The trail to Darcha is pretty easy and you can visit the gompas of Rarik and Chika on its way.
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