Zanskar, Padum to Lamayuru

Lotus Adventure Presents “Zanskar, Padum to Lamayuru”!

Basic Information About The Region:

Region :- Leh, Ladakh

Duration:- 9 to 10 days

Grade :- Challenging

Maximum Altitude :- 15009m

Approx Trekking Distance :-149 Kms.

Temperature:- -5 to -30 degrees celsius

Some Highlights About The Zanskar, Padum to Lamayuru:

  • Our 10 days trek will make you familiar with the valley of Zanskar which is an ancient Buddhist region fascinated by magnificent beauty. The adventurous trekking starts from Zanskar along with the Zanskar river to Lamayuru through Padum. What makes the trek exciting is that it is along the Zanskar river.

  • The whole trek is exciting and covers the panoramic views of Zanskar Himalayas, high mountain passes, beautiful scenery, a mix of mountains and green villages. There are a lot of ancient monasteries of Karsha and Thongde and you get to visit Singi La pass which is at an altitude of 5230 m and is considered as the highest pass of the trek. Travelers get the opportunity to see 1000-year-old murals of Alchi Choskor. They can enjoy camping with their fellow travelers!

Things To Be Taken Care Of!

The most important thing that travelers need to take care while doing the Lamayuru to Padum Trek is that it should only be attempted with proper preparation, ponies and a guide.

Here are some of the important places covered:

  • Leh
  • Padum
  • Karsha
  • Pishu
  • Hanamura
  • Snertse
  • Lingshed
  • Singge La Base Camp
  • Photoksar
  • Hanupatta
  • Wanla

Basic Itinerary!

Day 1 - Padum to Karsha
Time duration :4 hrs
Distance: 11.2 km
  • The trek starts today from Padum head towards Pipiting which is a dusty plain area towards the Doda river.
  • We will move towards Karsha which is an easy walk or drive.
  • Visit the beautiful Gelupa and Karsha monasteries.
  • Overnight stay in Karsha.
Day 2 - Karsha to Pishu
Time Duration: Approx 5 hrs
Distance: 17 km
  • There will be an easy walk on a hot and dusty bank of the Zanskar river to reach Pishu.
  • On the way you will see a hanging bridge over the Zanskar which leads to Zangla. This is the longest bridge (55m).
  • Camping and overnight stay in Pishu.
Day 3 - Pishu - Hanamura
Time duration : 5 hrs
Distance: approx 16 km
  • It is an easy way along the zanskar river through various small villages of Pidmo.
  • Reach Hanamura where you will be able to find Himalaya brown bear and blue sheep.
  • The place is a lovely campsite where you can enjoy to the fullest.
Day 4 - Hanamura to Purfi to Snertse
Time Duration : 8 hours
: 12 Km
  • A steep path along the stream leading to the Purfi La pass
  • Walk up to Snertse by crossing the Omachu river from Purfi.
Day 5 - Snertse to Hanuma La to Lingshed
Time Duration- 9 hrs
Distance: 18 km
  • Follow the stream long gradual ascent towards Hanuma La which is at 4700m.
  • Enjoy the beautiful view of the Zanskar mountains.
  • There is an easy zig zag descend leading to Lingshed which is 3800m
  • Enjoy Overnight Stay and camping in Lingshed.
Day 6 - Lingshed To Singge La Base Camp
Time Duration :7 hrs
Distance: 12 km
  • Cross the Kyukpa La and Climb up to Murgum La at 4100m which will take an hour.
  • You get a chance to visit the beautiful monasteries in Lingshed.
  • Climb up to the foot of the Sengge La along the mountainside.
Day 7 - Foot of Singge La Base Camp to Singge La to Photoksar
Time Duration: 8 hrs
Distance: 20 km
  • Ascend the Singge La and enjoy the beautiful village scene and broad valleys
  • Reach the wide valley of Photang by moving downwards from Singge La.
  • After that there is a mild climb towards Bumiktse La which is 4200m and has a beautiful view.
  • Descend towards the splendid photoksar village at the base of huge mountain walls at a height of 3750m.
  • Overnight stay in Photoksar.
Day 8 - Photoksar to Sir Sir La - to Hanupatta
Time duration: 7 hrs
Distance: 17 km
  • From Photoksar there is a long ascent to Sirsir La.
  • Cross Sir La and walk down to Hanupatta which is a stony valley.
  • Reach Hanupatta
  • Overnight stay in Hanupatta
Day 9 - Hanupatta to Wanla
Time duration: 4 to 5 hrs
Distance: approx 18km
  • Starting from Hanupatta, walk through a slope and reach Wanla.
  • Visit some villages and green fields by walking along the river.
  • Enjoy your overnight stay in Wanla.
Day 10 - Wanla to Lamayuru via Prinkti La
Time duration : 5 hrs
Distance: 9 km
  • Climb up to Prinkti La by walking through the gorge.
  • Reach Lamayuru by crossing the river and going down from Prinkti La.
  • At Lamayuru you will get a chance to visit one of the oldest Gompas and monasteries.
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