Zanskar, Rangdum to Padum

Lotus Adventure Presents “Zanskar, Rangdum to Padum”!

Basic Information About The Region:

Region :- Leh, Ladakh

Duration:-9 to 10 days

Grade :-Strenuous and exciting

Maximum Altitude :- 5019m

Approx Trekking Distance :- 128 Kms.

Temperature:- -5 to -30 degrees celsius

Some Highlights About The Zanskar, Rangdum to Padum:

  • The beginning segment of the trek, in the middle of Rangdum and Lingshed, accompanies a path that is rarely used by trekkers, which is through the isolated valleys of Zanskar. After you visit the captivating Lingshed gompa, you will walk towards Padum, which is the capital of the region. In transit, you will pass through many villages that will mesmerize you, and you will encounter the daily life of the Zanskari people and their distinctive culture. The most exciting part is that it is along the Zanskar river.
  • The whole trek is thrilling and covers the wide-ranging views of Zanskar Himalayas, beautiful scenery, high mountain passes, greenery villages, and a mixture of mountains. You can also spend some time visiting ancient monasteries like Karsha and Thong. Also, you get the opportunity to visit Singi La pass, which is at an elevation of 5230 m and is one of the highest passes of the trek. Travelers have the chance to see the 1000-year-old view of Alchi Choskor.

Things To Be Taken Care Of!

The most vital thing that travelers need to take care of while carrying out the Lamayuru to Padum Trek is that it should be made with proper preparation and a guide.!

Here are some of the important places covered:

  • Rangdum
  • Junction
  • Dibling
  • Lingshed
  • Hanuma La - Snertse
  • Hanamur
  • Pishu
  • Karsha
  • Padum

Basic Itinerary!

Day 1 - Rangdum to Junction!
Time: 5 hrs
Distance: 14 km
Altitude-gain / loss: +239m / -0m
  • Before you start the trek visit the Rangdum Gompa
  • Following the river up to the intersection, you need to cross the river multiple times
Day 2 -Junction - Pikdong La - Dibling
Time: 9 hrs
Distance: 21 km
Elevation: gain / loss: +753m / -1119m
  • The scale to the Pikdong La is lengthy; you can see the pass only at the end.
  • You can be amused by the ravishing scenery of the Zanskar peaks and the Nun-Kun summit from the pass.
  • The fall to Dibling village is sharp and quick.
Day 3 - Dibling to Lingshed Sumdo
Time: 4 hrs
Distance: 9.8 km
Altitude: gain / loss: +0m / -205m
  • It hardly takes an hour’s walk from Dibling village, and then you enter the gorge, which leads to Lingshed Sumdo.
Day 4 - Lingshed Sumdo to Lingshed
Time: 8 hrs
Distance: 12 km
  • The scale to Barmi La is lengthy but pretty easy
  • Have a visit to the artistic monastery of Lingshed. Belonging to the Gelugpa order, more than 60 monks live in this monastery.
  • You get a homestay facility in Lingshed.
Day 5 - Lingshed - Hanuma La - Snertse
Time: 8 hrs
Distance: 18 km
  • You can head towards the Lingshed village and walk towards the Hanuma La
  • You get to see the breathtaking view from the pass
Day 6 - Snertse - Purfi La - Hanamur
Time:5 hrs
Distance: 12.9 km
Elevation gain / loss: +612m / -936m
  • Cross the Purfi La and walk down the Zanskar river up to Hanamur village.
  • Trek of 12.9km which takes about 5 hrs.
Day 7 - Hanamur - Pishu
Time: 4-5 hrs
Distance: 15.4 km
Elevation gain / loss: +141m / -150m
  • Walkthrough Pidmo, a tiny village with a few households
  • You can feel like home at Pishu
Day 8 - Pishu - Karsha
Time: 6 hrs
Distance: 17 km
  • Head towards the village of Karsha
  • Pay a visit to the Karsha Gompa, the gigantic site in Zanskar
Day 9 - Karsha - Padum
Time: 4 hrs
Distance: 11.2 km
  • It is effortless to walk to Padum, the capital of Zanskar
  • Possibilities are there to drive from Karsha to Padum
  • Homestay also available in Padum
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